Lighthouse Aniva, Sakhalin Region

Palekh Watch
Abandoned lighthouse at Cape Aniva, Sakhalin Island, on Sivuchya rock. The height of the tower is 31 meters, the height of light is 40 meters above sea level. Since the beginning of the development of Sakhalin, a sea route has passed here, which is extremely difficult near Cape Aniva. More than one ship crashed on the underwater rocks before the prefectural leaders decided to build a lighthouse. Aniva Lighthouse (Nako-Sireto-Misaki) was built in 1939 to the design of the Japanese engineer Miura Shinobu. At that time, the island was Japanese and belonged to the prefecture of Karafuto. It was not easy to build a lighthouse: all materials were delivered by sea. This was done by the crew of the Roshu-maru ship, a special ship that served the Japanese signal structures. Strong currents and constant fogs complicated the process. When the lighthouse was built, the builders presented a small copy of the tower to the Japanese emperor.
Model description
About Palekh painting

Model description


Artist: Veronika S. Chibisova

Movement: CAL 1660Y RONDA

Case: Stainless steel

Surface finish: Chrome plated

Dial: Hand-painted with tempera and gold color, varnish coating, manual polishing

Glas: Mineral

Watch Band: Natural leather

Water resistance: 3 ATM (30 meters)

Size: 40 x 7 mm

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About Palekh painting

You can read more about Palekh painting here, and here you can read about the history of the formation and preservation of this type of ancient Russian painting
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