Sayany, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Palekh Watch
Sayan is a common name for two mountain systems in the south of Siberia: The Western Sayan and the Eastern Sayan. The Sayans are large: their area is about 250 thousand km². They are located on the territory of two states: Russia and Mongolia — and are located near the geographical center of Asia (the village of Kyzyl, the Republic of Tuva).
Model description
About Palekh painting

Model description

Swiss movement CAL 1660Y RONDA

Hand-painted dial protected by waterproof glass

The watch is packaged in a premium lacquered gift case. The case is made of valuable wood, hand-painted and varnished

Branded package, company catalog included


Artist: Larisa N. Bogatikova

Movement: CAL 1660Y RONDA

Case: Stainless steel

Surface finish: Gold plated

Dial: Hand-painted with tempera and gold color, varnish coating, manual polishing

Glas: Mineral

Watch Band: Natural leather

Water resistance: 3 ATM (30 meters)

Size: 40 x 7 mm

Availability: To order

About Palekh painting

You can read more about Palekh painting here, and here you can read about the history of the formation and preservation of this type of ancient Russian painting
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