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Palekh Watch
The great herritage now on the clockface
Take a closer look at the products of the Palekh Watch house, the original design of which was created by Russian craftsmen from the town of Palekh
New Year Collection
Palekh Watch & Radical Chic
Ornament Collection
Ballet Collection
Summer Garden Collection
Day/Night Collection
Regions of Russia Collection
Palekh Watch & VS Gallery Collection
The World Ocean Collection
Fairy Tails Collection
About Palekh Watch
The owner of the Palekh Watch becomes a conduit for ancient Russian art that has existed since the 17th century.
Each dial bears a sample of genuine Palekh painting, performed by artists from the town of Palekh.
400-year-old traditions continue to live on in beautiful and miniature modern watches.
Watches are painted and assembled by hand, which is a special pride of the watch house. On the products you can see the number of the picture, the year of creation and the name of the author. Each pair exists in a single copy.
Palekh Watch: Russian culture on the world stage
Turning to the Palekh Watch manufactory, you can not only choose a completely finished product, but also change the strap or case shape, order a strap with a special pattern or personification, and also apply any image you like to the dial
Make your watch
Ownership by owner
Watch strap personalization
Watch strap personalization
Creating a story according to your sketch
Palekh Watch and Radical Chic Collaboration
Limited edition
Represented by symbols of power: leopards, wolves, polar bears.
And also a recognizable element of Russian culture
Synthesis of the 17th and 21st century on your hand
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