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Palekh Watch company demonstrated its products to the President of the Russian Federation

On May 31, Palekh Watch took part in the Development of the Creative Economy in Russia exhibition, which was held in Moscow at the Zotov Center. The event was attended by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
The exhibition featured watches from the "Regions of Russia" collection: "Swallow's Nest", the Republic of Crimea (artist Chibisova V.S.), and "Saur-Mogila", Donetsk People’s Republic (artist Kornilova N .IN.). The guests were also able to see new items from the Palekh Watch brand: the Map of Russia model (artist Smirnov M.V.), the George the Victorious model (artist N.V. Kornilova) and model "St. Vladimir" (artist Smirnova E.V.).

Anna Nesterova, the founder of the brand, told the President about the Palekh Watch watch manufactory, whose goal is to popularize Palekh painting, and also about the history of the creation of the items presented at the exhibition. Vladimir Putin agreed with that a watch with original Russian painting can be a unique gift.
The President also discussed with the head of the Palekh Watch company the ways of developing folk art crafts and supported the proposal on that the right to use in trademarks of geographic names, if these products are produced by local folk arts and crafts. "I understand what you are talking about. You can invent as many fakes as you like," noted the President of Russia.

Anna Nesterova said that her company made it possible to provide Palekh master artists with stable work, increased the demand for the profession, attracted young people to study the traditions of craftsmanship, but, of course, the efforts of the Palekh Watch team alone are not enough. System support is needed for crafts and artists-masters. Putin supported Nesterova’s proposal to create a higher educational institution in the village of Palekh. "Now there is only a secondary educational institution, which has more than 70 students, but it is necessary to train more highly qualified young professionals", — emphasized the founder of the company. The head of state noted that a higher educational institution would require a greater number of master teachers.
31 MAY / 2023
Author of the photo: Vladimir Astapkovich
Photo source: RIA Novosti
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